The largest business partner in the region – the cooperation between BDO and SAP continues

SAP International Corporation, a world market leader in ERP systems, holds an annual Summit for Partner Companies. The goal of the event is for the partners to get to know each other and talk about their experiences and challenges.

At the SMB Innovations Summit in Spain this year, BDO Georgia was named SAP’s largest partner in the region, which includes current and former CIS member states. The award ‘Highest Revenue 2019’ was received on behalf of the company by BDO Partner, Head of Technology and Innovation Zviad Oragvelidze.

The summit traditionally rewards SAP partners who excel in specific areas. In 2018, the BDO team received the award as the most innovative company, and this year was named the largest partner in the region.

“We have been partners with SAP since 2016 and have already implemented several major projects in Georgia. The awards for the last 2 years are the result of outstanding services delivered to our customers. It is very important and gratifying that business in the country is developing adequately and correctly perceiving the role of modern technologies. Оur main goal is to help businesses to use innovative technologies and offer the product they need, ” says Zviad Oragvelidze.

BDO offers Georgian business ERP system SAP Business One. His team has already introduced this system in large Georgian companies such as “Anagi”, “Unix Development”, “Caucasus Roads Project”, “Insta”, “Domson” and others.


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