How a company should maintain productivity while working remotely

With the increase in cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the world, more and more companies are switching to remote work model. This trend has also become popular in Georgia and several companies have already moved to remote work. The main challenge for companies at such times is to maintain productivity and technical readiness.

Moving to remote work, especially for relatively large companies where tens or even hundreds of employees work, is not an easy process. It takes a lot of time and human resources to do the technical part – training computers, finding communication channels, and so on.

In addition, without considering information security control mechanisms, the company could suffer far more damage than simply suspending operations. Businesses need to understand that they need to ensure the security of the devices of the employees working from home and secure the connections that are used to connect to corporate data.

Modern Workplace

Companies can use the tools of the Modern Workplace to overcome these challenges. This technology is already actively used by many international companies. Since the release of Covid-19, Microsoft’s Teams program, which allows remote communication between employees (chat, video conferencing, calendar, planner), has seen a worldwide increase of 500%.

Modern Workplace makes it possible to:

– Work at any time

– Work from anywhere

– Work from any device

– Meetings at any time

Companies that use the services of Modern Workplace switch to remote work relatively easily and painlessly.

Aside from the technical part, an important challenge is to maintain team productivity. For this you need:

  1. Structure relationships

Working remotely makes it difficult to separate working and non-working hours. If an employee walking into the office knows that working time ends at 18:00, this time may be extended while working from home, causing the employee to be overloaded with work. As a result, the quality of work decreases.

The manager must also maintain individual communication with team members. He/she should not only control the work done, but also the workload and the need for support.

  1. Scheduling the processes

To maintain productivity, the team needs to be in touch with each other on a daily basis. General video conferencing should be organized so that everyone knows what stage the team is at.

In addition, managers need to plan individual communications with employees in advance, which will help them avoid the stress caused by scheduling unexpected meetings.

Scheduling video conferencing, scheduling processes, creating to-do schedules, scheduling meetings, sharing documents, and many other day-to-day processes are easily solved within the Modern Workplace. Through Modern Workplace, the company gains the flexibility to effectively move to remote work without losing productivity.

BDO offers companies to maintain a Modern Workplace through Microsoft products. By arranging a modern workspace, the company will be able to not only work remotely efficiently but also increase employee productivity in general.


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