Accounting of customers’ interests in the company, management of current negotiation stages

Accounting of Negotiations with Potential Clients

With the functionality available in SAP, we can record incoming customer interests, open a card for each “lead”, and fill in the information that is relevant to us: contact data, source of the application, segment, priorities, etc. Lead quality is then reclassified as a sales opportunity, representing a single workspace for the sales employee. This space records the stages of negotiations with the potential client, calls, meetings, emails, the sales manager responsible for each activity, the company’s competitors in this particular negotiation. In addition, various documents of any format can be attached.

 Accounting of Negotiations with Potential

By analyzing the data included in the program, we obtain the information about successful and unsuccessful negotiations, at what stage each potential client is stopped, what are the most common reasons for our win or loss, who is our most productive sales employee, who are our competitors, what potential revenue opportunities do we have based on the current negotiations, etc.