Accrual of salaries for all employees at the same time, taking into account relevant deductions and taxes

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It is possible to create a card for each employee in the program, where the necessary information about the employee will be recorded – work experience, education, and contact information. Employees will be assigned departments and positions, indicating the appropriate supervisor and employment status in the company.

It is possible to attach various types of material documents: employment contract, orders, CV, photo, etc. SAP Business One records employee personal data in compliance with the GDPR standard.

 Employee Database
Salary Accrual /
Salary Accrual / Payment

Through the Payroll module, the accountant is able to accrue and pay the remuneration of all employees or specific departments in groups. In addition to the salary, the payroll program also includes various benefits and deductions for employees (for example, insurance improvements). The program itself takes Personal Income and pension tax planned advances and Personal Income tax benefits into consideration.

Salary Accrual /

The program automatically generates the documentation to be uploaded on the portal of the Revenue Service – information on payments, attachments to Personal Income Tax and pension tax returns. You can see the list of employees by departments and positions in the program. In addition, payments are based on both departments and employees. Documents to be uploaded to the Revenue Service portal are automatically generated – Information on payments, attachments to Personal Income Tax, and pension tax returns.