Managing the full procurement cycle from initiation to receipt of goods

Complete Procurement Management

In SAP Business One we can carry out procurement both simple and complex procurement processes. An employee can file a purchase request, the request shall go through a multi-level authorization, and only then be executed. After confirmation, it is possible to indicate the proposals received from the suppliers and choose the most favorable one with the help of the program, taking into account the pre-established criteria. It is also possible to send an order to the supplier from the program by e-mail and finally receive the desired product. With the perfect integration with the RS.GE website, the program will easily make group downloads of consignment notes received from suppliers and make purchases based on them. The program will also help you track changes made by suppliers to consignment notes or tax invoices, ensuring full compliance with your accounting tax portal.

 Complete Procurement
The settlement with
The settlement with suppliers

In SAP it is possible to specify payment terms agreed with the supplier, which may be unique for each supplier, as well as for each individual purchase from a particular supplier. If we have several parallel contracts with one company, we can separate them from each other and make payments based on each specific contract. As a result, we constantly have complete information about the current debts of the company. The reminder system helps us make timely and accurate payments and gain the status of a trusted partner.

The settlement with
Procurement Analytics

SAP Business One’s diverse reporting allows us to analyze procurement in various terms:

  1. To see the dynamics of procurement over time
  2. Identify the best suppliers
  3. Analyze purchases by product type and projects
  4. Control supplier prices
  5. Monitor the timely fulfillment of our payment obligations