The construction industry is moving the ERP system to SAP Business One

Successful construction and development companies such as Anagi, Silk Road Group, Unix Development, and Insta are launching SAP Business One, a modern ERP system.

BDO Solutions has developed the international ERP system SAP Business One specifically for construction and development companies and created a construction module that has enabled the industry to automate all specific business processes.

SAP Business One and the construction module have already been introduced by companies: Anaklia Development Consortium, Domson’s Engineering, DUX Development, BBC Building Better Cities, and others. They are already talking about the tangible benefits they have received from implementing the system.

“Although we are currently using only some of the features of SAP Business One, the program has relieved us of operational problems:

Through real-time control of warehousing and procurement operations, it has helped us reduce inventory losses and fraud risks.

The program allows us to record and control projects. As the number of projects increases, this functionality will create even more comfort. The project management module with very good reporting is one of the parts that made us decide to introduce SAP. The construction company must know the revenues and costs of the project.

It can be boldly said that BDO worked well on localizing SAP. Fully automated accounting and financial accounting. The program is adapted to the Georgian legislation, integrated with the web portal of the Revenue Service and Internet banks, which saves us a lot of time.

In the future, we are thinking of developing BI analytics and digitizing multi-level construction cost estimates as well.

We were comfortable working with the BDO team, we implemented the program without any complications and we are still receiving support from them, ” said Gega Topadze, director of the construction company BBC.

SAP Business One, along with a construction module created by BDO Solutions, has already been introduced by Dux Development. According to the director of the company Irakli Lomidze, it has become much easier for him to control the ongoing processes.

“The program allows us to easily compile multi-level budgeting, see the risk of overspending, and respond promptly. The vision of deviations from the planned estimate and comparison with the plan at all stages, helps us to analyze what makes the project more expensive and to plan the project budget more correctly in the future,” says Irakli Lomidze.

Giorgi Nasaraia, Financial Director of Domson’s, also talks about the benefits of the introduction of SAP Business One: “With the help of SAP Business One, we have solved one big problem – the warehouse has been organized since. Warehouse workers are also able to work in the system. At SAP Business One, we can receive inventory, debt, and profitability reports at any time by project.”

In a modern business environment, constant control of the situation, timely response to challenges, and more flexibility are important. The build module created by BDO Solutions, together with SAP Business One, gives construction, development, and installation companies a competitive advantage in rapidly changing market conditions.

Through the system the company can perform the following:

Digitization, versioning, and analysis of multi-level project estimates

Exclusion of unauthorized purchases

  • Detailed project plan and automatic control of execution in real-time
  • Perfect warehouse management and minimization of losses
  • Refinement of norms and increase of operating profit as a result of the plan-fact analysis
  • Organizational management of the project and control of its profitability at any stage
  • Optimization of cash flow through Cash Flow project budget plan-factual analysis
  • Determining the planned cost of the apartment and analyzing the profitability in advance
  • More successful transactions and increased sales staff efficiency with sophisticated CRM functionality
  • Sales analysis in terms of client, facility, and sales manager
  • Debt management and reminder system
  • Registration and analysis of marketing campaigns
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