Complex Analytics

Complex Analytics

Data-Driven Business – Creating business solutions and strategies based on data using complex analytics

User Analytics

By collecting and processing user data, the company will gain a competitive advantage in marketing, sales, customer service, and product development. Studying user behavior helps the company develop personalized recommendations and suggestions.

An image of customer behavior is created based on:

  • User segmentation
  • Churn analysis
  • Market basket analytics
  • Determination of user time value
Marketing and Sales
Marketing and Sales Analysis

Campaign Analysis – Data analysis gives us the information we need to determine which marketing strategies are most effective for specific groups of users.

Next Best Offer – Through predictive analytics, marketers receive predictable information about user’s spending habits and possible actions.

Loyalty program analysis – with data analytics it is possible to analyze loyalty programs and customize them to the user; Optimize pricing based on user behavior.

Marketing and Sales
e-commerce analytics

e-commerce analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing data from all the sources that have an impact on your online store. With the processed data, the company obtains information about the user’s digital behavior, based on which it is possible to create the best customer experience (CX) and simplify the online purchasing process.

Recommendation Engine, Customer Shopping Cart Analysis, and Analytics of Implemented Orders are important tools to increase sales and customer satisfaction in digital channels

Learn how to you Complex Analytics for your business
Learn how to you Complex Analytics for your business
Recommendation Engine

The Recommendation Engine recommends what product to offer based on the user’s digital footprint. The analysis of the customer cart and orders gives us an accurate idea of ​​what journey does the customer take on our platform and at what point will the campaigns or various marketing activities be the most effective.

Supply Chain Analytics

The ability to receive information on time and make real-time decisions has become critical to a company’s management. With complex analytics, you can process important data for a company’s supply chain, monitor your suppliers, forecast demand, track, and plan inventories more accurately.

 Supply Chain
Financial Analytics

When it comes to complex financial analytics and financial forecasting, the importance of data in business grows even more. With the constant automatic analysis of historical data, customer or supplier, more accurate budgets and forecasts are made than during the standard reporting. Consequently, businesses are enabled to make important decisions and plans in real-time.

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