Cyber and information security

Cyber and information security

Cybersecurity services that help you stay safe while maintaining the development of your company

Create a safe environment
Identify risks and threats
Identify risks and threats

Identify information security risks and technical vulnerabilities that affect company’s business processes

Manage risks
Manage risks

Risk prevention in the organization through implementing policies and technical controls, relevant to the business processes

Maintain continuity
Maintain continuity

In the event of a cyber incident, the company has the ability to maintain business continuity and minimize minimize impact.

Cyber risk assessment and penetration testing

At the initial stage of the service provision, the company’s information security risks are assessed and penetration tests are conducted, which include

  • Identification of critical information assets of the company
  • Assessment of existing risks
  • Identification of  vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure
  • Penetration testing for critical IT systems
  • Social engineering simulation for company staff
  • Preparing an action plan based on current risks
 Cyber risk assessment and penetration
Management of cyber
Management of cyber risks

Implementation of control mechanisms which are inline with identified risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Development of information security policies and procedures
  • Implementation of control mechanisms that will minimize risks (Antivirus System, Data Leak Prevention System, User Right Management System, etc.)
  • Creating a culture of cyber hygiene in the company and raising awareness
Management of cyber
Find out how to create a secure work environment in the company
Managing and responding to Cyber incidents

BDO Digital Cyber ​​Incident Response Team manages all cyber incident response processes.

Incident response services include:

  • Rapid response to a cyber incident, its containment and prevention
  • Continuous threat monitoring and analysis
  • Introduction of an incident prevention strategy, which includes a re-evaluation of the training and vulnerability assessment process
  • Development and testing of an incident response plan to reduce the impact of a cyber incident
 Managing and responding to Cyber
Business continuity

In case of force majeure, companies need to have a business continuity strategy that enables them to keep business running smoothly during the unforeseen events.

BDO Digital Business Continuity Management Strategy is based on the ISO 22301 international standard and includes:

  • Identification of the company’s critical processes and information assets
  • Development of a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and risk management
  • Development and testing of Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Development and testing of a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • Training to raise awareness among the employees


Training for the employees

Humans are considered to be the weakest link in companies in terms of cybersecurity, so it is important to constantly raise their awareness about the risks associated with cyber threats and methods of cyber attack.
Information security training helps the company:

  • Become more protected from cyber threats
  • Change the organizational culture and employee behaviour
  • Reduce human errors and manage security risks
  • To be in compliance with regulatory Requirements
 Training for the

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