IT and Information security audit

IT and Information security audit

In order to prove company’s IT controls’ existence in the environment and to measure their effectiveness

Plan, Manage, Control
Discover the flaws
Discover the flaws

An audit enables a company to identify flaws in its IT environment and identify the ways to improve

Stay in compliance
Stay in compliance

Independent audit gives company’s management information about compliance with requirements


Using an audit, management can evaluate the effectiveness of the IT direction and ensure its compliance with business requirements

Cyber Security Framework Audit

By conducting interviews, reviewing technical controls, and reviewing the effectiveness of policy/procedure implementation, we will verify that a commercial bank complies with the requirements of the National Bank in the following components:

  • Identification of risks
  • Protection of information assets
  • Discovery of cyber security incident
  • Response to cyber security incident
  • Business process recovery
 Cyber Security Framework
Audit of IT processes and
Audit of IT processes and controls

Control of IT processes and controls is important to ensure the protection of information assets, the integrity of information and the effectiveness of the company’s operations.

During the audit, we will review and evaluate the company’s IT controls, policies and procedures to ensure that the confidentiality, availability and integrity of business critical systems and data is properly ensured.

Audit of IT processes and
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IT audit

The company’s IT strategy must be formed and constantly updated in order to synergize with business goals. IT Audit is an opportunity to conduct an impartial audit of the IT management system, which:

  • Demonstrates how complete and effective IT support is for the company’s core business processes
  • Demonstrates the opportunities and benefits of using new technologies and approaches in the modern digital world
  • Demonstrates how IT assets and resources can create additional opportunities for businesses
  • Assess the need for IT governance methodologies, IT services, applications and their integration
  • Shows how much business continuity is ensured
  • Shows how justified are the costs and investments made in the field of IT
  • Shows the risks in information security and ways to eliminate them
  • Helps us assess whether the company is in line with global best practices




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