Modern workspace

Modern workspace

An integrated and secure space for individual and team productivity

What does Modern Workplace mean
Work any time
Work any time

Remote access allows a person to work at any time, the main thing is to have access to their own workspace

Work from anywhere
Work from anywhere

An employee can work from home, a cafe, or any location he or she prefers

Work from any device
Work from any device

Access service files from any device that complies with the company’s security requirements

Moving to remote work creates specific challenges for companies companies
  • Technical training – The company may not have the technical infrastructure required for the uninterrupted work of its employees.
  • Management Challenge – Company management is often unprepared for remote work – failing to establish proper business communication with employees, which causes many problems.
  • Security – In a force majeure situation, the information security control mechanism is not considered in many cases.
 Moving to remote work creates specific challenges for companies
Individual and collaborative
Individual and collaborative space

Through Microsoft applications (Onedrive, Teams, planner, outlook, my analytic, BI) a modern work environment is created, which ensures both individual and team productivity and mobility in the modern world.

Individual and collaborative
Protected environment

The main challenge of the remote work environment is cybersecurity and protection. A modern work environment means mobility and access from different devices – from another computer, mobile device to another internet service provider.

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