Automation of Caucasus Road Project business processes with SAP Business One
Automation of Caucasus Road Project business processes with SAP Business One

Caucasus Road Project is one of the largest construction-infrastructure companies in Georgia, with which a number of large-scale and strategic projects are connected – Government House in Kutaisi, Heroes’ Square, Laguna Vere and Baratashvili overpasses, Anaklia Bridge, Mestia Airport Runway 13 Rehabilitation of Tskneti-Samadlo and Tskneti-Akhaldaba roads damaged as a result of the disaster, etc.

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For a company involved in large projects, it is virtually impossible to work without a high level of business process automation. This requires the introduction of an ERP system in the company, which is not an easy process and requires active involvement and responsibility on the part of both the provider and the company’s employees.

“When the company reached the stage of development that the introduction of the ERP system was necessary, we started researching the market. We had negotiations with several providers, but we opted for the international brand BDO, as other providers presented only program capabilities to us in the form of presentations at meetings. Unlike them, we saw that the BDO team understood our business processes. The presentation did not show us which button we needed to use to perform any operations, but ways to solve our processes in the program. BDO has offered us a SAP product – SAP Business One. In the end, it turned out that we were served by two international companies with a high reputation and vast experience, ” says Natia Tsipuria, CRP CFO.

Through SAP Business One, the company has automated day-to-day processes such as procurement, inventory accounting and management, and financial accounting, and more. In addition, CRP implements several projects simultaneously, and the program allows the company’s management to track project spending and control the profitability of a project at any stage.

The company understands that the introduction of an ERP system is not a one-time process, because, with the development of the company, the requirements for the program are constantly changing – new challenges, projects, opportunities arise. Apart from the ongoing support, it is necessary to develop the program according to the requirements of the company. That is why CRP also plans to introduce a BDO construction module designed specifically for any type of construction and development company.

“We always feel that BDO is ready to listen to our requests and needs and make a development decision. Now they are creating fuel accounting functionality especially for us, which will help us a lot in dealing with the operations of the transport park. We have a GPS system for fuel control, but it is not enough, because we are willing not only to control the fuel consumption but also it is very important to attribute this consumption to specific jobs.

“As you know, in construction companies like ours employees do not finish working days as in other standard companies, therefore support for ERP system sometimes needed during non- working hours, and the BDO team has repeatedly returned to the office in the evening to help us during this period,” Tsipuria says.

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