Flexible manufacturing and fast inventory – NOVA experience
Flexible manufacturing and fast inventory – NOVA experience

“Nova” is one of the largest Georgian companies, which has managed to become a market leader since 2006. It started his business importing and selling construction materials, but today it already produces the same materials itself.

Flexible manufacturing and fast inventory – NOVA experience

Automation of all business processes – Partnership between Nova and BDO

The larger the company, the greater the number and complexity of its business processes. Modern large companies can achieve stable, uninterrupted growth by automating business processes.

Rapid growth as a challenge

“The company has grown so much in recent years that we needed a higher level of automation and complex reporting for future development. Even though a certain system already existed in our company, there were still processes that remained behind it and we had to work on them further. It required a lot of time and resources, and we also did not have the level of analytics that the company needed, ” says Edisher Khimshiashvili, director of Nova.

Solution – process automation

“We started thinking about the introduction of a new ERP system. We knew that program implementation is a rather complex and time-consuming process that takes place specifically in almost every company.

The BDO team studied our business processes in detail, understood what specific challenges and needs our company was facing, and after that, they offered us 1C ERP, ” says Edisher Khimshiashvili.

Results – Flexible production

Production is one of the main directions for “Nova”. 60% of the sold goods come from the products produced by “Nova”.

Through 1C ERP, the company knows exactly what products, how many, and when to produce. The system may use several materials to produce several products at once if it does not conflict with the production time of another product, allowing for optimal production.

Improved customer relations

Through 1C ERP and in partnership with BDO, Nova is also changing its sales process. Soon the company employees will start using mobile devices (pockets), which will simplify the relationship with the customer. An employee will deliver services to each customer much faster.

The program will control the limits and terms of receivables, which will allow Nova to optimize its cash.

Satisfied and motivated employees

Nova needs to increase employee satisfaction and motivation, therefore, the company has a bonus system. Until now, bonuses were counted separately, according to directions (production, sales, distribution) in various Excel files. Now the company will do all this in 1C ERP – it will no longer be necessary to draw many “Excel” files, errors in accounting will be eliminated and the process will become much more transparent. In the same program, we plan to introduce a loyalty system, which will allow us to increase the number of loyal customers.

Fast and error-free stocktaking

Stocktaking is one of the most time-consuming processes, especially for a large company like Nova. 1C ERP and its integrated mobile devices make stocktaking as easy as possible and at the same time virtually eliminate errors. The company will no longer have to record this process on thousands of papers.


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